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About Our Cattery


We are a professional TICA registered, home based cattery in Yeovil, Somerset, solely breeding Bengal cats. Our cats are part of our homelife and we raise our kittens in our home, underfoot, surrounded by chaos and our 4 children ranging from 1 - 16 years old. We have top quality bloodlines from around the world and we breed specifically for temperament as well as big, bold, wild cat body structure and markings. We have chosen to remain a small cattery which enables us to focus on quality over quantity. Remaining small enables us to give all of our cats and kittens the love and attention that they deserve. This dedication of time to our cats and kittens sets us apart from the much larger catteries. All of our kittens leave us incredibly well socialised, affection, confident young cats.


Our four main focus' in our cattery are Health, Nutrition, Temperament and Socialisation.


Healthy cats are so important in our breeding program and therefore, all of our breeding lines are screened for PRA-b (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), PKDef (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) and HCM (Hypotrophic Cardiomyopathy). All of our breeding queens and studs are annually screened, vet checked, annually vaccinated, flead and wormed at the regular, recommended intervals. (see our Health section for more details)


Nutrition and diet, we feel are the foundations of healthy cats and kittens and therefore, we are advocates of raw feeding. All of our cats and kittens are raw fed, and this starts in utero, through to adulthood. Our kittens are fed a 75/15/10 ratio diet for the very best start in life (see our Nutrition section for more details and recipes)


Temperament in our cattery is incredibly important to us. A kitten's temperament is mostly inheritated from their parents, so our queens and studs are carefully selected for temperament. If they do not fit the criteria, they will not be in our program (see our Temperament section for more details).


Socialisation we feel it is so important to raise happy, confident, affectionate young cats which adapt to their new homes as quickly and as confidently as possible. From the moment they are born, they are handled by both Ben and I. Once they are walking around, playing and a little more robust at around 4 weeks old, they are handled by all 4 children (see our Socialisation section for more details).


If you would like to add a FarrahStar Bengal to your family, please head to our available kitten section.




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