All cats, including the domestic moggy cats are what is known as obligate carnivores. An obligate carnivore is a species whose diet requires nutrients found only in animal flesh. Whilst obligate carnivores may be able to ingest very small amounts of plant matter, they lack the necessary physiology required to fully digest it. With this in mind and to give our cats the full potential to thrive, we fully advocate the whole prey model. A whole prey model is a species appropriate, balance raw diet made up of raw meat, bone and secreting organ. This whole prey model emulates what they would eat in the wild. In addition to the reasons we raw feed is the moisture content found in raw. Raw feeding maintains a cat's optimal hydration level. Dehydration leads to kidney failure, but cats do not show signs of kidney failure until 70-75% of their kidney function is lost in which time it is too late. Young cats who start off on dry kibble will live a normal, healthy life but studies show the upon reaching adulthood, the rate at which kibble fed cats age and develop degenerative disease increases at an abnormal rate. In contrast to this, cats fed a non-processed, natural diet do not age as quickly and most importantly, did not develop degenerative diseases.


We make our own raw food using human grade meat from the supermarket. We choose to make our own instead of buying premade because firstly, it's a lot cheaper and secondly, we know exactly what is going into it. We have included some recipes for you to try yourself! Your cat or kitten will always leave us with enough food to transition your cat or kitten to a new diet.








We understand that raw feeding can feel a little bit daunting at the start, so we have come up with some recipes for you.

We feed our adult cats (at least 1 years old) an 80/10/10 mix. This is an 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% secreting organ (5% liver, 5% liver).


5kg chicken thighs with skin on and bone in

4.5kg pork shoulder

500g kidney

560g liver

11 raw eggs

700g tinned sardines in tomato sauce

We feed our pregnant/lactating queens and kittens on a 75/15/10. The reason we feed them a slightly different ratio to our adult cats is because these cats and kittens require a high ratio of bone for the calcium.


5kg chicken thighs with skin and bone in

1.3kg pork shoulder

350g liver

350g kidney

470g tinned sardines in tomato sauce

7 raw eggs

We put all ingredients through a meat grinder except the sardines and the eggs. We put it all together in a large mixing tub and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. We then portion it into takeaway containers and freeze until needed.

If you still don't feel confident in making your own raw food, we recommend Natural Instinct. When looking for a pre-made raw food, it is important to check the ingredients list to make sure it does not include fruit or vegetables.

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